Hi there, thanks for stopping by. I setup this site to host my dev environment where I can display the demo sites that I have created. Most of the demo’s were created for potential clients that just weren’t sure but some of them were created just playing around and learning new things.

Consider this my laboratory for WordPress creativity. Where I can learn new things and test new themes. I’ve got a side project I’m currently working on that needed a place to live so I decided to spin up this domain to host them.

It should be too long before I get some links setup for you guys to explore. Shoot me a message if you feel it is taking too long. When I get hooked on a project, I tend to forget about these side projects that are just for fun.

Hope you enjoy!

Just a Brief Overview

Before you get confused using the links in the navigation to explore what I have uploaded, I figured it would be best to explain the different categories. The links take you away to the project and it may not seem like you can find your way back here. *Don’t worry, they open in a new tab to make it easier to find this browser tab.


The sites and examples that you find under this menu option were created very quickly. They are not fully functioning sites by any means and there may be some demo content that was used to populate them with content. While putting these mockups together, I tried to remember to clear the links so you wouldn’t get lost but there may be some links to demo content that make it seem like you get stuck on that demo page. Just remember that you can always click on the logo to return you to the home page.

There should be links that bring you back here, they just aren’t setup to stand out. For dev purposes, I’ve tried to add a link back to here in the footer where possible and that goes for all of the sites you can explore from here.


Next we have the demos which are a bit more complete than the mockups. You should be able to browse all the pages of these sites to get a feel how I built out the site for their different niches.

Almost all of the content on these demo sites are for demo purposes only. I may or may not own the rights to the images or content that was used to create them. I always try to make sure the images are available for reuse, if I don’t own or purchase a license specifically for them myself.


Last we have the redesigns section containing nearly identical content and images for potential clients as well as a few that I thought would be fun to see how I could recreate it. That means that these projects may have working links that lead to the actual clients site or email addresses.

Don’t be afraid to explore and click around though. If you get taken to a login portal, just don’t try to login and go back. The same goes for email links, just don’t fill out and send an email if you see that it is not going to me or one of my email aliases. I don’t think that you should have any problems, since I believe I changed them all back to me.